Since January 2015, Green Services Group
has reduced CO2 emissions by   kg

About us


The group was founded in 2013 by Guy Auger and Jean-François Vaury (both Renewable Energy investors).

Strategy & Vision

Our strategy is to develop an international technical services group, through targeted acquisitions and organic growth dedicated to wind & solar assets. Green Services Group is based in Paris (France).


Green Services Group has two divisions:
— Technical & Commercial Management (TCM)
— Solar Maintenance

The team

Guy Auger: CEO
Jean-François Vaury: Member of the Board
Prune Des Roches: M&A director

Diversified Group




Wind & Solar Expertise 
Technical & Commercial Management
Consulting & Advisory


GREENSOLVER was created, back in 2008, BY financiers, FOR investors. We felt there was a real need in the market for an experienced, independent service provider catering to the infrastructure investors to deliver professional, world class services. This has been our guiding line ever since.
BY financiers
Guy Auger, who created the company, was previously COO of Eolfi, who launched the first dedicated wind Fund in France back in 2006. Guy experienced the life of an investor, buying, financing, managing and then selling assets, before focusing solely on Greensolver when he did a spinoff of the company in 2013.
FOR investors
Beyond our technical competencies, we also understand the requirement of the financial community. Our number one objective is to help you achieve your financial goal, whilst taking away the hassle of daily management of your assets. Our job is to be your technical arm, managing away small issues and letting you focus on the large issues that can come up.
We don’t see ourselves as only asset managers, we see ourselves as assets maximizers. We are not there just to handle the day to day technical chores your asset requires, we go beyond, and constantly look for ways to get more production out of the asset and over a longer period. We do this through regular analysis of the data and use of latest tools available on the market.

Strategy & Vision

Greensolver pursues its development through partnerships and acquisitions to offer the most complete and best services quality in Europe. Greensolver continues to contribute to a better world with less C02.
At Greensolver, each customer has an account manager. This account manager acts as your single point of contact within our organization. He/she is responsible of coordinating all activities that relate to your assets, and he is directly responsible (and paid on) the results of your wind farm.
Experienced service provider
With an extensive experience of Technical and Commercial Management (TCM) experience dating back to 2008, with 80 SPV (500 MW) under commercial management and more than 400 MW of assets (wind & solar) under technical management, we are an undisputed market leader in France.
Independent Service provider
We are TRULY INDEPENDENT. We do not develop projects, and we don’t own assets, and we never will. This ensures our customers get our full, undivided attention and ensures no conflicts of interest between us.
Professional services
We pride ourselves in delivering quality services. Our customers represent some of the most respected names in the infrastructure world, and their satisfaction levels for our technical services are more than 95%, with 100% willing to use us again for such services.
GREENSOLVER is certified ISO 9001, equipped with state of the art analysis tools, that each of our customers benefit from. We are currently in the process of gaining certification in 2015 for ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 and ISO 55001.
We are also innovators; the latest example being Greensolver Index which we launched early 2014. Greensolver Index is an operations benchmarking tool enabling independent asset owners to compare themselves across a set of more than 40 KPI’s. This tool is unique and takes technical asset management to another level.
World Class services
We currently manage assets in three European countries (France, Italy, Portugal), but we have been active in most parts of the world since the beginning, performing due diligences from Australia to Mexico, Poland, USA...  
Our team is multi-national and speaks more than 7 languages.

The team


Guy Auger: CEO
Marcia Pereira: Financial Director
Matthieu Fiocconi: Business Development Director
Carla Vico: Operations Director


Solar expertise 
Solar maintenance
Construction & installation



Created in 2006, KBE Energy is a dedicated solar service provider. Acquired by Green Services Group in 2014, the company offers ready-made solutions including technical studies, administrative processes, design, advice, installation and preventative and curative maintenance of your solar plant. Pioneers in the photovoltaic sector with KBE Solaire since 2006, the company has a solid experience in renewable energies and energy management.

Our independence allows us to carry our duties with integrity and objectivity. Commitment is at the heart of our business, together we strive to secure and improve the profitability of your investments. At your service, a proactive team of experts rigorous and versatile. This team composed of men and women, will anticipate and act to optimize your facilities. Our customers are foremost partners that we accompany sustainably


Strategy & Vision


KBE Energy has been developing the PV market in France for over 8 years, thanks to simple, competitive solutions. KBE Energy works exclusively using European made products from world-leaders in their fields. KBE Energy has 5 offices in France: Macon, Montpellier, Grenoble, Rodez & Pau.


Activities and experience


KBE Energy follows your solar plant through all stages of its life cycle.
KBE Energy has installed and maintains more than 250 solar PV installations on industrial and agricultural rooftops, totaling more than 20MWp.

Operation & Maintenance: monitoring 7/7, maintenance and repairs
Design, Supply & Installation: construction carried out to industry standards
Expertise & Technical Audit: evaluation of plant performance and production
The expertise of KBE Energy benefits from its large variety of solar panels and inverters suppliers.


KBE Energy:

— 250 rooftops built
— Maintaining over 20 MWp of contracts
— 30 French departments (half of the South of France)



KBE Energy therefore meets the following criteria:
— Skilled in the installation of grid-connected photovoltaic generators
— Committed to upholding the ten-point Quali PV charter
— Holds the necessary insurance (general and decennial liability insurance).
KBE Energy is in the process of obtaining ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications


The team


Guy Auger: CEO
Jean-Marc Gadeau: Operation Director



Partnership with Finatech


Partnership Morocco

Exclusive partnership signed in January 2014 between Finatech and Greensolver with the objective to develop, build, operate and maintain wind and solar installations in Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa (exc. South Africa)


History of Finatech Group

Founded in 2007, Finatech Group is a Moroccan company that delivers engineering and specialized services in the energy, telecommunications and information technology sectors. Drawing on over 20 years of on-the-ground expertise and clearly focused on achieving satisfaction from its customers and partners...

Finatech is part of the FinanceCom Group (20 000 people, 15 billion € assets). It provides infrastructure services (electrical, mechanical, electro-mechanical, civil works…) to the energy and telecom sectors.

Finatech Group offers global integration solutions by delivering support with the design, construction and maintenance of their projects. Finatech Group is based in Casablanca (Morocco).

Read the partnership announcement


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